The History Of Lawyers

The development and history of attorneys is very comparable to the development and history of humankind. Such as the symbiotic relationship between pneumonia and trees, attorneys and humans have a very important, interlocking relationship going back into the dawn of man. Legal anthropologists haven’t yet discovered the proverbial first lawyer. No briefs or pleadings stay from the proto lawyer that’s thought to have been in existence over 5 million years ago. Chimpanzees, attorney’s and man’s closest relative, share 99% of the genes. New research has clearly proven that chimpanzees do not have this distinctive L1a receptor which distinguishes attorneys from everyone.1 – This disproved the famous result of the Scopes Monkey Trial wherein Clarence Darrow demonstrated that monkeys were also attorneys.

Charles Darwin, Esquire theorized in the mid-1800 that tribes of attorneys existed as early as 2.5 million years ago. Nevertheless, he found little proof to support this theory. Legal anthropology suffered a set back in this turn of this century in this famed Piltdown Attorney scandal. The skull afterwards turned out to be homemade, combining this big jaw of a contemporary lawyer together with the skull cap of a gorilla. After this hoax was discovered, this science of legal anthropology was withdrawn for 50 years. The first hard scientific evidence of the occurrence of attorneys was detected by Dr.

Margaret Leakey in the Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania. Her find consisted of several legal fragments, but no complete case was found intact at this site. Carbon dating has estimated this find at between one million and 1.5 million years ago. Nevertheless, through legal anthropology methods, it’s been theorized that this site contains this remains of a fraud trial wherein the defendant tried to disprove liability on this basis of his inability into stand erect. The case outcome is unknown, however coincides with the decrease of this Australopithecus and this rise of Homo Erectus from the world. 2 – In most sites dating from 250, 000 to 1, 000,000 decades ago, legal tools have been uncovered.

Sadly, the tools are frequently in fragments, which makes it difficult to gain much knowledge. The first complete site detected has been dated to 150, 000 years ago. Stone pictograph briefs were found concerning a land boundary dispute between a tribe of Neanderthals and a tribe of Cro Magnons. This decision in favor of this Cro Magnon tribe led to a subsequent series of cases, spelling this end for this Neanderthal tribe. 3 – Until 10, 000 years ago, attorneys wandered around at small tribes, seeking out clients. Lastly, small settlements of lawyers started to be born in this Ur Valley, this birthplace of contemporary civilization. With settlement came this invention of writing. Previously attorneys had relied on oral invoices for collection of payment, which made collection difficult and meant that if a client died before payment4 this bill would stay uncollected.